COVID-19 Positive Test in Grand Terrace (What Now?)
Published on Apr 2, 2020 12:16

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Positive COVID-19 Test in Grand Terrace, Now What?

Considering the recent news of a local resident testing positive for COVID-19, many residents have several questions and concerns about their safety.  In order to answer those questions, City of Grand Terrace staff reached out to the County’s Acting Public Health Officer, Dr. Erin Gustafson.  Dr. Gustafson stated the risk does not change with a case being identified, she recommends that we follow universal precautions  She also stated, “At this point in time most cases are primarily from secondary contact (community spread).”  She also added that when a person tests positive for COVID-19, the Communicable Disease Investigators from County Public Health conduct follow up with known contacts of the person that tested positive.

I want to be tested for COVID-19

Community members are even more concerned that a COVID-19 positive test result occurred within their community. Some residents are even interested in getting the test, for those residents that want to be tested, they can watch for future drive through testing events like the one  being held this Thursday, April 2 at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds, in Victorville CA.

Will Positive Test of COVID-19 in Grand Terrace Impact Public Safety Services?

There should be no change in service levels from our first responders as a result of a COVID-19 case in Grand Terrace.  In fact, County Fire released the following statement, “As the climate of COVID-19 changes, so will the readiness and preparedness of the county's first responders to meet the challenges they may face. All county residents can help our first responders and their neighbors by adhering to the Governor's Stay at Home order and social distancing recommendations by the Department of Public Health and CDC.  These guidelines will help greatly in slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.”

County Fire and Sheriff dispatch have taken some preliminary measures to assist first responders.  Dispatchers may ask if there are any COVID-19 related issues at the address requesting service. The answer to that question is important, especially if Sheriff Deputies arrive before medical personnel. County Fire also wanted to make it very clear, “Our partnerships at the local, regional, and national levels have never been stronger and help us be more effective in our ability to best serve our communities and We WILL get through this.”

Stay informed

The City of Grand Terrace urges residents of Grand Terrace to stay informed and visit for local information and national advice on COVID-19.