[CORRECTED] Curfew in Grand Terrace
Published on Jun 4, 2020 09:10

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Curfew in Grand Terrace

Executive Order No. 2020-01

I encourage you to read it to understand your rights during this local emergency. Below is a highlighted section that further explains your access to public right of way (including roads) during the curfew. If you choose to violate the curfew, you could be charged with a misdemeanor and fined up to $100.00 for the first infraction.  Traveling to and from work or attending a religious event is not a violation of the curfew.  San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department will enforce the curfew at the level they deem necessary to protect persons and property in Grand Terrace. Once again, I apologize for any disruption during this challenging time.


Excerpt from Curfew Proclamation

                SECTION 5. Curfew. A curfew is hereby in effect starting daily at 7 p.m., and ending at 5 a.m., and during which no person shall be upon the public street, avenue, alley, park, or other public place or unimproved public realty. This curfew shall not apply to the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, firefighters, or other emergency personnel or civilians engaged in police or emergency work, nor shall it apply to authorized representatives of any news service, newspaper, or radio or television station or network, or personal traveling to or from work or religious meetings.

Misdemeanor Fine