The City Council adopted the following program revision to the program in November, 2015. Beginning January, 2017 properties that have been enrolled in the program for 10 years will return to the first year level including annual inspections and the full rental rate.


In 2006 Grand Terrace City Council adopted the Non-Owner Occupied/Rental Property Program and fee structure that regulates all multi-family housing units and non-owner occupied single-family homes.

This program consists of an annual exterior inspection to ensure the property is maintained and to check if violations exist and are a habitual condition of the property. If violations are discovered during the exterior inspection, the property owner is notified and given ample time to make corrections. If the violations are not corrected upon the re-inspection, the owner may be cited and charged for each additional re-inspection until the property is in compliance.

The cost of the program for a single-family home is $95 per year.
Apartments 1-199 units - $48 per unit; 200+ units - $36.00 per unit (maximum amount of $10,000)
Condominium/Townhouse units are $48 per year, per unit.

Property owners are billed annually in January of each year.

Properties that pass inspection with no violations for three consecutive years, receive a 50% annual fee reduction. After 4 consecutive years, a 70% reduction is given. If violations are observed during the annual inspection, the property may revert to the 3 year or 1st year level depending on the current property level at the time of inspection.


The property owner self-inspection checklist is provided on the City website to assist you with preparing for your annual inspection. Owners are encouraged to conduct their own inspection and use the checklist as a guide to help pass the City's inspection and to continue regular property maintenance at all times.

If you have questions or would like additional information regarding the Non-Owner Occupied/Rental Property Program or the inspection process, please contact the Planning and Development Services/Code Enforcement Department at
(909) 824-6621 x 3.

Rental Inspection Checklist Below: