Tree Pruning on Barton Road, Grand Terrace, CA

Parkway trees are part of the County’s urban forest that benefit the entire community. Therefore trees are generally only removed when they are dead, diseased, dying, structurally unsound, or outgrown its current space and cannot be safely root pruned to accommodate an adjacent infrastructure repair and by Arborists discretion. If the parkway tree in front of your residence appears to meet one of the conditions under which Public Works would remove a tree, please contact the Public Works Department at 909-824-6621 ext. 217.

In general trees can be trimmed or removed in one of two ways.

  1. Public Works trims or removes a tree.
    If you would like Public Works to trim or remove a tree for you please submit an request to staff. The Public Works Department will review the request and respond to you with our recommended course of action.
  2. The property owner trims or removes a tree.
    With a permit from Public Works Department, you can also trim or remove a tree in the parkway if you are the owner of the property adjacent to the parkway. Permits for tree removal will only be considered if a parkway tree meets one of the conditions for tree removal noted above. In order to trim or remove a tree please apply for a Encroachment Permit.

Access the City of Grand Terrace Tree Inventory Summary Report (March 29, 2016)

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