Public Notices


(APNs 1167-231-10 & a portion of 1167-231-22)

October 21, 2022

To All Interested Parties:

As required by Govt Code Section 54220 of the State of California, the City of Grand Terrace (“City”) is providing notice that the City intends to sell the surplus property located on Barton Road (APNs 1167-231-10 & a portion of 1167-231-22) (“Property”).

Notice Period: In accordance with Govt Code Section 54222, please be advised that you have sixty (60) days from the date this notice was emailed (“Notice Period”) to notify the City of your interest in acquiring the Property by providing a letter of interest which, to establish priority as noted below, must be a written proposal with relevant terms including the purchase price. Be advised that (i) this notification does not obligate the City to sell the Property to you; and (ii) the City is not obligated to sell the Property for less than its fair market value.

Delivery: If you are interested in purchasing the Property, please send your written proposal within the Notice Period to: Konrad Bolowich, City Manager, via email to [email protected]. Please include “SURPLUS LAND: APNs 066-1167-231-10 & 1167-231-22” on the email subject line. You may also submit notice of your interest in acquiring the property to Konrad Bolowich, City Manager, RE: SURPLUS LAND at 22795 Barton Rd, Grand Terrace, CA 92313. For additional information, please see below regarding “Property Information” or contact Mr. Bolowich at (909) 954-5175.

Priority: If the City receives more than one letter of interest during this Notice Period, pursuant to Govt Code Section 54227, priority to entities proposing to develop housing where at least 25% of the units will be affordable to lower income households. If more than one such proposal is received, priority will be given to the proposal with the greatest number of affordable units. If more than one proposal specifies the same number of affordable units, priority will be given to the proposal that has the lowest average affordability level.

Negotiation Period: If you are interested and respond timely in the manner specified, please be advised that, pursuant to Govt Code Section 54223, the City may enter negotiations with you for a period of at least ninety (90) days. If no agreement is reached on sales price and terms, the City may market the Property to the general public.

Property Information: The Property is approximately 12,800 square feet of undeveloped land located immediately adjacent to the I-215 freeway. The Property is shown in the Vicinity Map below.

The Property is currently zoned General Commercial (GC) on the General Plan Land Use Map and Barton Road Specific Plan-General Commercial (BRSP-GC) on the Zoning Map. The Property is located along the City’s primary commercial corridor.

The minimum density allowed on this Property is zero units/acre.

The maximum density allowed on this Property is zero units/acre.

The minimum sales price for the Property is $128,000. The Property was last appraised on February 19, 2021.

Copies of documents relevant to the Property are available below:

See Preliminary Title Report here

See Appraisal here

See Vicinity Map here

NOTICE:  Anyone proposing to submit a proposal is advised to review the requirements set forth in the Surplus Land Act (Govt Code Sections 54220-54234).