Grand Terrace Dog Park

Drone Shot Grand Terrace Dog Park

Grand Terrace Dog Park
22720 Vista Grande Way
Grand Terrace, CA 92313


• Dogs must be kept on leash until they are in the dog park entrance and the gate has closed behind them.
• Do not keep your dog on leash while inside the dog park.
• Do not bring dog or human food into off leash areas.
• No firearms, starting pistols are permitted.
• No smoking, alcoholic beverages, glass containers, strollers or bicycles are allowed inside the dog park.
• Do not bring your dog into an off-leash area if it is in heat.
• All dogs over the age of four months shall be fully vaccinated and licensed. Dogs must wear collars and tags. Puppies under the age of four months are not allowed in the Dog Park.
• No more than three dogs are allowed per person.
• Dogs only! No animals other than dogs are permitted inside the park.
• Scoop the Poop. Use the disposal bags available. Park Ordinances require owner/handler clean up and properly dispose of waste left by their dog(s).
• Dog owner/handler must be physically capable of controlling their dog. All owner/handlers are required to remain inside the off-leash area and be in view of their dog(s) at all times.
• Aggressive dogs are not permitted on the premises. Dogs exhibiting rough, aggressive or dangerous behavior must be removed by owner immediately.
• In the event of dog bite or injury, owner / guardian must exchange current tag information and phone number.
• Abandoning animals is prohibited.
• Animal Control can be contacted at (909) 954-5171.  For after-hour emergency calls, including holidays please contact San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dispatch at 909-387-8313.
• All dogs must be licensed by their respective municipality and display said license/tag while in the dog park. Non-City residents must have the current rabies vaccine tag, as well as a dog license tag issued by the governing body where they reside.
• Only flying discs and tennis balls are allowed, to be thrown inside dog park.
• Children under 18 years old must be accompanied and supervised closely by an adult at all times. It is recommended that small children not be brought into the off-leash area. Children are not permitted to run with, or chase, dogs.
• All dog owners in the dog park area must be able to produce current vaccination records upon request by proper authorities.
• All users must immediately obey verbal or written orders of Park Employees. Please be reminded that failure to comply with park rules or to maintain the facility in a clean or orderly fashion will result in fines or temporary/permanent loss of park privileges.
• No dogs are permitted in a designated dog park area except during posted hours of operation.
• Permits are required for all commercial activities. For permit information, please call (909) 954-5175.