Building & Safety

What We Do

The Building & Safety Division ensures that all residential, commercial, and other construction in the City meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of codes that have been adopted by both the State of California and the City of Grand Terrace. The Department also checks for compliance with state mandates, building practices, manufacturer requirements and specific design.

The Building and Safety Division serves the residents and developers within the city by:

  • Answering general questions relating to construction, inspections, permits, etc.
  • Providing plan review services.
  • Issuing grading and building permits.
  • Providing field inspections for construction projects with active permits.

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Currently Adopted Codes
California Building Code 2022 Edition, Volumes 1, 2
California Electrical Code 2022 Edition
California Mechanical Code 2022 Edition
California Plumbing Code 2022 Edition
California Referenced Standards Code 2022 Edition
California Residential Code 2022 Edition
California Green Building Standards Code 2022 Edition
California Fire Code 2022 Edition
California Energy Code 2022 Edition
California Historical Building Code 2022 Edition
California Existing Building Code 2022 Edition
California Administrative Code 2022 Edition 
2021 International Property Maintenance Code
1997 Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings

Planning, Building & Safety And Engineering Fees

Planning, Building & Safety And Engineering Fees


Contact Information

Jessica Lambarena
Building Permit Technician

Luis Gardea
Building Official

22795 Barton Rd.
Grand Terrace, CA 92313
Ph: (909) 954-5181 
Fax: 909-824-6623

Office Hours:
Permit Hours 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Counter Hours 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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